I never got my acceptance letter from Hogwarts,

so here I am studying English Language and Literature in ANOTHER university.
It wasn't what I intended but it's definitely no time loss. I love being able to be this much interfered with books even in my college years and simply studying various authors; and thinking and speculating and and w o n d e r i n g. Wondering about the time the books were written. I guess that's why a smile falls upon my face whenever I'm reading, it's a wonderful feeling indeed being able to acknowledge the very words of others written before I was even...alive? 

Though I am unhappy with the fact of never being able to read every book out there, I am in the other hand rather fulfilled with the fact of being able to read what I want. 
It's like picking out a friend from many others; it's what YOU want. It's who you want to talk to and sit at a corner and think with, perhaps even cuddle up with at nights. Not to mention the different worlds each of them take you to. That's why books and I have been getting along quite well ever since I met them and I do think we will be getting along perfectly for a long time.
and, and though it does seem like I have an 'antisocial' life, I do believe I am never alone. After all, I am a 'bookreader'.

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